On the road again…

Carl's tweaking the hihat track

Yesterday was a welcome day off on tour, and my roommate, Carl Albrecht, graciously spent a little of his time adding some drum tracks to a song I’ve written with Michael Bahn. The arrangement of the song is evolving nicely, and I’m looking forward to Michael or I recording it soon. As Carl worked on the drum tracks, I was reminded what a payoff there is in giving focus and energy to your craft. Carl is such a fine musician and his seriousness about his craft encouraged me to keep pushing myself to grow in what I do as a keyboard player, songwriter, singer, arranger and worship leader. Are you feeling inspired today? Are you inspiring someone else? Our lives create ripples, and I want the ones I produce to benefit whoever they touch. If your delight in being engaged in musical pursuits has faded, make an effort to change that. Listen to something by your favorite artist. Go to a museum. Jam with a friend. God found delight in what He created. You can do the same.

Carl’s tweeking the hihat track

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