King Saul was terribly stressed and oppressed.


the new Yamaha motif xf8

Scripture says every time David played Saul felt better.  Wow. David was skilled as an instrumentalist, and people around him knew that something special happened when he played.  That’s something I’d like to hear said of the music I create as a keyboard player. I think David’s work as a shepherd definitely netted him some serious practice time on his harp. No doubt there were some funky sheep smells to ignore and a lot of bleating to tune out. But somehow he managed to develop significant skills. You and I each have things in our daily routines that compete with our ability to grow our instrumental skills. Ask God to help you learn to ignore and tune out what you can so you can focus on your instrument.

New technology and new sounds can be a real plus in terms of inspiring you as a musician. That’s definitely true of me in the last few weeks since Yamaha sent me their newest version of the Motif, the XF8. It’s a stunner. The new grand piano sound it contains is super realistic and very rewarding to play. As a classically trained pianist, sometimes the grand piano sounds in electronic keyboard fall short of the real thing. Check out the XF8 at a local music store. I think you’ll really love the piano sounds.


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  1. Good for you, getting your blog going again. Funny that someone had posted a comment but you didn’t know. Came from last October, I think. Yikes.

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