c33c21_349020d665a64e76b0df885cdad60c60It was another great Leadworship Workshop with Paul Baloche and his team at Cedarville University last weekend. Such a beautiful campus, a great facility for all the classes, and an enthusiastic group of people in attendance.In my keyboard sessions we looked at the tracks for several of Paul Baloche’s songs in Ableton Live.

The files for Paul’s songs, and many other worship songs, are available for use within Ableton from multitracks.com. “My Hope”, a song I wrote with Paul, is available here from their site. “Glorious”, another of Paul’s songs, can be found there as well. We looked at this song in one of my sessions at Cedarville. It gives us a great visual representation of keyboard parts that contribute to the delineation of sections within a song. Click on the photo here and you’ll see that the key 2 and key 3 tracks play during the intro of the song. Then they’re out until the guitar solo. The key 4 track enters on the 2nd chorus.Seeing these parts that come and go within an arrangement are great reminders that each of us on a worship team (instruments and vocalists) should be intentional about when we play (or sing) and when we don’t play (or sing). If you find that everyone on your worship teams tends to play and sing from the downbeat until the last measure of the song, study some recordings of your favorite songs. You’ll definitely discover that a better way is to give thought to how the addition and removal of instruments and voices can contribute in a huge way to the effectiveness of an arrangement.FYI check multitracks.com’s website often, since there’s a free track available there every month. Click here for the current freebie.

I had a great response from folks in my classes expressing interested in some one on one coaching. If you’d like coaching on your keyboard skills, arranging, songwriting or worship leading, I’d love to hear from you. Please email me for more info about these opportunities for coaching or anything else that you want to discuss.


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