Recently there was a terrible accident in Seattle when a crane collapsed onto a busy street. Four people lost their lives. In a California synagogue there was another shooting. Another life lost. It seems more and more common that situations come along for which there are no words to be found. How can we comfort someone who’s suffered an unimaginable loss? Yesterday in our church service I felt something else that involves no words, the presence of the Holy Spirit doing what He alone can do. Probing deep into our hearts. Taking the frequencies of our voices and our instruments and creating a symphony of peace over us. A few years ago I was given a conductor’s baton as a reminder that our God is still on the podium of the universe, very much aware of the cacophony around us, still able to bring harmony, stability, order when we are numb with pain. Today I was processing those sweet moments from church and sat at my keyboard, thinking about the many hurting hearts today in our world. The beautiful lyrics of a favorite hymn came to mind and the melody found its way to my fingers. I recorded the simple song, chose to not edit any part of it or fix any timing. Hope you can hear Him tapping the podium lightly and cueing His instruments of peace in your heart and your spirit today. Oh for grace to trust Him more.

Watch and listen here…


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