You Have Permission

I'm in my third year serving as Director of Worship Studies at The King's University/Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. We have weekly chapel services in which we present a three to four song worship set. Like most of you, we tend to present a "cover" of the recorded arrangement. Was there a keyboard hook during … Continue reading You Have Permission

Beginnings. Defined. Delivered.

As I was looking up a word on today, I came upon this graphic. "9 Words About Beginnings". It lead to definitions of these words: incunabula, genesis, inchoate, inception, recrudescence, exordium, commencement, Ab ovo, nascent. Though several are words I wasn't familiar with, God encouraged my heart by reminding me that He is the … Continue reading Beginnings. Defined. Delivered.


King Saul was terribly stressed and oppressed. SFB. Scripture says every time David played Saul felt better.  Wow. David was skilled as an instrumentalist, and people around him knew that something special happened when he played.  That's something I'd like to hear said of the music I create as a keyboard player. I think David's … Continue reading SFB